Glioblastomas: dog

I happen to be an RN (my husband is a biologist) and knowing a bit about how these cases go, knew my dear brother was a “goner”.

Josh and Kayla

            My brother Josh died on July 9, 1993 when he was 39 years old from recurring glioblastomas.  He suffered tremendously during those 2 ½ years he was sick.  They cut him with drastic cranial surgeries, burned him with radiation and poisoned him with chemotherapy.  He turned from one of the funniest, joyful, appreciative people I’ve ever known in my 51 years on this earth, into a confused, then comatose, shriveled shell of a man.  None of the therapies claimed to save him, give him quality of life or even hope of any future.  This is what was forced down his throat by the “traditional medical community”, the ones who “know best”.  I happen to be an RN (my husband is a biologist) and knowing a bit about how these cases go, knew my dear brother was a “goner”.  We (my husband, mom, and I) tried to suggest alternative therapies to Josh and his wife.  His wife would have no part of this and spoke in a tense as though Josh was already dead, for the entire remaining year of his life.  Needless to say, it was horrible.  We felt he could have at least gained quality of life had he adopted some other therapies and perhaps would have at least died with more dignity than he did curled up in a fetal position.

I swore from that time on, I would study other ways to help anybody with cancer to make their struggle with this disease easier or even miraculous.

Well, the universe is “funny” that way, years later, we got the opportunity with our 6 yr. old female Doberman pinscher, Kayla who was diagnosed with the very same brain cancer that caused my brother’s death.  The vet started her on massive doses of anticonvulsive and steroids.  We were told she had 1-4 months to live and this therapy with little quality of life, as the steroids would cause her to be hungry all the time, urinate constantly and be so hyper that sleep would be extremely difficult.  Our alternative from the vet wasn’t much better.  We could opt for chemo or radiation, which might tag on an extra 3-6 months, but the dog would probably be confused, require round the clock care and lose healthy brain tissue as well as shrinking of the diseased stuff, with no hope of quality of life for our beautiful doggie daughter. 

A friend of mine, had been studying alternative medicine at the time and recommended we contact Tricia and Jim Feijo as they have had success treating these sorts of cases.  I called their radio show not expecting them to help me with a dog.  They couldn’t have been more helpful.  They gave us hope and courage to move forward and try to give Kayla some life; life with quality, not agony and some time with us, ‘till it was her time to go see Josh!

The vet told us we were crazy and irresponsible, that by taking Kayla off the steroids, (which we knew suppress immune function and encourage tumor growth, not to mention the other awful side effects I wrote about above) we would be killing her.  We hoped the new natural anti-inflammatory, GDU (Daniel Chapter One product) given in high enough doses would do better, as it would decrease the inflammation and keep her calm.  It did work, much better than the steroids.  We also placed her on the 7 Herb Formula to keep