I am Jim Feijo and I was sent to Federal Prison

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson

It is now 30 plus years since my wife, Tricia and I started Daniel Chapter One. This blog is my attempt to relate the truth, the history and the persecution we experienced by so called christians, the fake medical system, the unjust government and the quiver of naysayers.

My wife Tricia, wrote a book to give the history of our walk with Jesus. Jesus said come follow me. Called to Stand is the book she wrote while I was in prison. Please enjoy the introduction that is here.


     This is the true story of Daniel Chapter One, a church and ministry we founded in 1986 to help fund house churches in communist countries.

     People have asked who we are, how we happened to do all that we did, and why the US Government sought to attack and destroy us. This book was written to answer those questions.

    The FTC and FDA litigation that afflicted us spanned the 8 years of Obama’s reign. It was a time of burgeoning government size and power, and growing intolerance towards the Christian faith and freedoms this country was found upon. Federally mandated health insurance was established, while powerful bureaucracies created more rules and regulations to protect government approved drugs and control how Americans take care of their health.

     As Richard E. Ralston, Executive Director of Americans for Free Choice in Medicine, wrote in a letter to the editor (Wall Street Journal, April 14, 2017): “Internal special interests at the FDA are those whose highest priority is the maintenance of the power of the FDA bureaucracy itself. Their priority is to make sure that no patient obtains effective treatment or survives illness without government permission.”

     Our story attests to that point. The Forward has been written by a doctor whose son was healed naturally of brain tumors with the help of Daniel Chapter One. It is a factual account, one of thousands, and was written for our defense. But it was one of many that our attorneys chose not to submit to the judge prior to sentencing, in order that we not look unrepentant.

     No longer constrained, we can now say that we are not sorry – for we have done no wrong. We are not sorry for the life we dedicated to helping people, in the service of our Lord and Savior; for speaking the Truth in love to set captives free physically and spiritually; and we are not sorry for standing against government tyranny.        

     Perhaps the story is not over. America may yet see righteousness reestablished, based upon the Constitution and natural Law, her citizens allowed to be as free as Almighty God created us to be; free to pursue life, liberty, and happiness – even when it comes to our health.

     Someday I hope to write a book sharing the insights and approach we were given to healing cancer and other illness. This book is not that, however. It is simply our story.