It was May 1989, the summer of Tiananmen Square, and Jim and Tricia marched with the students. They baptized 2 women in mainland China, and later Jim baptized 3 men in Hong Kong at Pilgrims Home.

In 1990, Jim and Tricia went home to pack, left Daniel Chapter One to others, and attempted to return to China through Poland (to visit Christian friends there.) They were denied visas in Warsaw, so lived in Poland that year.

HOLY SPIRIT REVELATION and Baptisms in the men’s shower because of surveillance by local undercover agents.


Jesus said go into the whole world and preach the gospel. Baptize them in the name above all names. This is a series of baptisms in China, Hong Kong , Philippians and America.

The Lord commanded that we break bread and share the cup of wine as often as we get together.

“Do this in remembrance of me.”



Fellowship in Hong Kong

Fellowship in Southern China


Poland Fellowship/Berlin


Jim and Tricia are guest of the Chinese government. Jim was asked to lead research.


Washington DC Federal Court