How Daniel Chapter One Began

In 1981, Jim Feijo and Tricia Haith met at a bible study, while Tricia was in college. Jim was a teacher at the Christian School of Fall River, teaching Bible, Science, and Math. Tricia was an English/Writing major, and had worked for years prior in Cancer Research as a lab tech. Two years later, they married, believing God wanted them to serve Him together, and vowed to always “Seek first the Kingdom of God.” They camped through Canada, New Foundland, and Labrador that summer, meeting many Christians and enjoying God’s Creation while living off the land.

Jim and Tricia desired to be missionaries, but no mission board would accept/hire them since Jim was divorced and remarried. Tricia quit her job and school, to be a woman busy at home, according to God’s Word. The next year, Jim quit teaching, to live more by faith. They moved into a campground and Jim scuba dived for quahogs (type of clam) for a living. That Fall/Winter they moved into a trailer park and Jim got a job teaching Phys. Ed at a Jr. High School.

Jim & Tricia’s Missionary Work

In 1985, Jim and Tricia traveled to Europe with eurail passes and backpacks and met Christians. The next year, they once again desired to be missionaries, sold the little they had and gave the money away , according to Mark 10:21 (“Sell everything you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow Me.”) One man they blessed with a cash gift was a stranger Jim met, who had just been released from prison – who later came to be a powerful missionary. Jim and Tricia believed then that God would give them a mission, and prayed for revelation and guidance.

Daniel Chapter One was started by faith, as a ministry, to help support home churches around the world.

Health & Healing

The Feijos felt led to open and operate a health food store because Tricia had taught herself much about whole foods and whole foods cooking, and Jim had studied herbs and nutrition. It was a practical way for them to minister to others, by teaching about healthy diet and by providing healthy foods and supplements. Meanwhile, Jim coached part-time for Freshman Football, and private school Wrestling and the couple moved into an apartment above their health food store.

Biomolecular Nutrition

Jim wrote a computer program for assessing the physical needs of an athlete, and came to see it had valuable application for people with chronic illness also. He designed food supplement products that were enzyme enhanced, to be readily and fully available at the cellular level, and called this revolutionary combining of Nutrition and Biochemistry the “Science of Bio-molecular Nutrition.” Over the next two decades, the products and computer program were embraced by many athletes and individuals, doctors included, and Jim was invited to lecture nationally and internationally on Bio-molecular Nutrition. Numerous articles have been written about Daniel Chapter One and the work the Feijos have done, including an article in the Journal of Sports Medicine by Dr. Jim Angel.

That summer, Jim and Tricia returned to Europe with Jim’s 11 year old daughter Jill. Tricia’s parents watched the store. While in Europe, they once again met many Christians by the hand of God, and grew spiritually. God gave them spiritual gifts as spoken of in the book of I Corinthians.

Our House Church

In 1987-1988, Jim and Tricia opened their home to others, a true house church, and a few families joined them in the ministry. They lived together and had everything in common. That spring God called Jim and Tricia to Israel. They went with one-way plane tickets, meeting/camping with other Disciples in the desert, seeking the Lord Yahshua – Jesus the Christ – through fasting and prayer. They met with Christians and non-Christians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

To China & Poland We Go

A year later, Jim and Tricia are called to China, and go with just plane tickets. Once there, God provided a place to stay in Hong Kong, “Pilgrims Home” for missionaries, and business visas to travel into the mainland. They visited Revival Church to volunteer their services, and were given the task of currying bibles into mainland China.

They were asked to return to China to live/ work – to possibly help run an orphanage – by a missionary for World Missions Far Corners. They also met the doctor who invited them back to conduct research in Beijing two years later.

It was May 1989, the summer of Tiananmen Square, and Jim and Tricia marched with the students. They baptized 2 women in mainland China, and later Jim baptized 3 men in Hong Kong at Pilgrims Home.

In 1990, Jim and Tricia went home to pack, left Daniel Chapter One to others, and attempted to return to China through Poland (to visit Christian friends there.) They were denied visas in Warsaw, so lived in Poland that year.

There they ministered, and researched availability of herbs and health foods to try to help some of the Believers there open their own Health Food Stores. They were called suddenly back to America by a need of Jim’s children in America.

Later, they were invited back to China, to lead research at the Beijing Research Institute of Sports Science. They went, and had a very successful trip.

God-Given Herbs Hit Home

In 1990-1991, Tricia’s mother was diagnosed with squamous cell aberration of the mouth. She initially took herbs which benefited. But then she succumbed to the pressure to do surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, though the Lord gave a word, “do not trust in the arms of men.” Her health worsened and the treatments left her bedridden.

Tricia helped care for her dying mother at home, until her death. She took herbs and nutrients and Bio-molecular supplements, and the hospice nurses were amazed that no pain medication was ever needed and expressed to Tricia how fortunate her mother was to have access to such things.

Tricia began study at the New England School of Homeopathy, with hopes to learn enough to help her husband Jim with his increasingly debilitating symptoms of M.S. He refused all drugs, and was eventually healed naturally. Tricia graduated (a condensed 2-yr program) and began to practice homeopathy.

Meanwhile, a second and third Daniel Chapter One health store were opened by the Feijos, one in MA and another in RI.

God-Given Nutrients & The Truth Via Radio

In 1994 Jim and Tricia opened a fourth store, after closing one of the other stores, with a focus on nutritional supplements. They were approached to host a one hour local radio program, which they began and called “Daniel Chapter One Health Watch”, referring to God’s watchmen. Two years later, the Feijos took their program to Talk America, a national radio network. They began a one hour a week national radio show, in addition to their local program. Soon after, they started a daily national program, including nights and weekends. They closed all but the original Daniel Chapter One store.

In 2000, Accent Radio Network was built in FL. Tricia began advanced study at the Renaissance Institute of Classical Homeopathy with Dr Luc De Schepper MD. Daniel Chapter One products began to be carried by independent stores and doctors offices at their request (no solicitation). Jim and Tricia were asked to make public appearances, conduct remote radio broadcasts, and speak in churches and doctors offices and health stores.

God’s Healing

Later, Tricia edited a medical homeopathy textbook and was invited into a Fellowship Program in Advanced Case Management at Pioneer University, UK, and received the title, F.Hom., in 2007.

Jim suffered violent epileptic seizures, from November – January. By God’s grace, he was healed through homeopathy and nutrients. Daniel Chapter One’s ministry was growing, and land was purchased in FL near Accent Radio Network, for the building of a church, Christian School, and warehouse.

The Battle Begins

In 2007, The Canadian Bureau of Competition complained about the 7 Herb Formula website.

(The 7 Herb Formula is based on a Canadian Indian herbal formula. Historically, the Canadian government tried to ban nurse Rene Caisse from making the herbal tea available to people. The Canadian parliament in 1939 came within 3 votes of legalizing her use of “Essiac” tea; after that she was only allowed to give it away, to people deemed terminal and whom the doctors had given up on. Until her death in 1978, Caisse continued to provide the tea at no cost to thousands of people.)

The U.S. FTC then contacted Daniel Chapter One.

In 2008, The US FTC sued Daniel Chapter One for sharing health information, not based on the “falsity theory” — meaning not based on any evidence of falsehood — but based on the “no reasonable basis theory”– because no double-blind placebo controlled studies have been conducted on the Daniel Chapter One products that people say helped heal them. All people’s testimonies of healing were blocked in the FTC court. Daniel Chapter One had 5 Expert Witnesses say that in their opinion DCO had reasonable basis for the health information they shared. The government had just 1 “Expert” Witness, an oncologist who manages chemo-drug trials, and ruled against DCO based on his single testimony despite his clear lack of knowledge about herbs and nutrients.

Jim and Tricia brought their case all the way to the US Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court turned them away despite two powerful amicus briefs filed on behalf of Daniel Chapter One showing that the case is of national importance.

In 2010, Armed federal agents raided the ministry building of Daniel Chapter One.  

In 2012, Jim and Tricia were Court ordered in District Court in Washington DC to cease-and-desist sharing health information, even people’s testimonies, under the coercive threat of imprisonment.

Daniel Chapter One Health Watch was renamed Daniel Chapter One Truth Watch, the format no longer about health. The radio program then provided a people-to-people forum to discuss spiritual, political, social and other issues. In the fall of 2012, the radio show ended.

How Daniel Chapter One Ministry Works Now

Daniel Chapter One products are still available. Jim and Tricia are responding to people’s requests to do whatever they can to keep the products here for them!  

In 26 years, Daniel Chapter One has given away untold, unrecorded amounts of money, millions of dollars to missions, missionaries, individuals in need, and athletes and teams.The church has provided cars and houses for people, and has donated nutritional supplements to countless individuals and other churches.They do not keep record of what they give because God in His Word says not to let your right know what your left is doing; to do your giving in secret, for reward in heaven.  

We share this story to the Glory of God, Yahweh.