The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins

”Woe to those who make unjust laws, to those who issue oppressive decrees”                       Isaiah 10:1

In 2007, The Canadian Bureau of Competition complained about the 7 Herb Formula website.  

(The 7 Herb Formula is based on a Canadian Indian herbal formula. Historically, the Canadian government tried to ban nurse Rene Caisse from making the herbal tea available to people. The Canadian parliament in 1939 came within 3 votes of legalizing her use of “Essiac” tea; after that she was only allowed to give it away, to people deemed terminal and whom the doctors had given up on. Until her death in 1978, Caisse continued to provide the tea at no cost to thousands of people.)

In 2008, the US Federal Trade Commission sued Daniel Chapter One over information it shared about 7 Herb Formula, GDU, Bioshark, and BioMixx.

Jim Feijo makes friends with the ICE Police.

Daniel Chapter One starting with an attack from the US Federal Trade Commission in 2008. (“We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and rulers in this dark world.”)

DC1 was snared by evildoers, the result of a witch-hunt, not because any consumer had ever complained! Matter of fact, the many appreciative people whose testimonials we put on the website to glorify God became a main focus of the government attack against us, despite the fact they found none to be false. The FTC blocked the witnesses who came to court to testify in our defense, referring to them as “irrelevant.” (Indeed, if a doctor sends you home to die, you are considered “irrelevant” to the government — but not to Jesus!!)

Daniel Chapter One has been ministering to people since the Lord had us begin it back in the 80’s. He brought athletes, the sick, and the healthy in to our little humble Ministry: some for spiritual ministry, some for physical, some for both! He showed us simple things that could help free people from illness and spiritual bondage. Satan didn’t like that, and sought to destroy DC1 Witnesses who came to DC but were blocked from testifying are pictured on this site in front of the FTC building where we were ‘tried’. They include Tracy Kulikowski who is still alive, and well, over 10 years after being given up for dead from a brain tumor, tumor behind the heart, tumor on the liver, and leukemia; Ernie Jensen, who was told he would die from lymphoma but regained health; Cole Hicks, a little boy who drowned and is supposed to be a vegetable but who is learning to walk and talk again; Glenda Shaw, who recovered from numerous health problems; and Laura Rudin, whose dog lived years beyond prognosis of a serious brain tumor, glioblastoma. All dismissed to sure death by doctors, all called ‘irrelevant’ and shut up by the FTC because they lived! Lives discounted, testimonies to the glory of God refused, and all despite not a single customer complaint in 30 years against the Daniel Chapter One Ministry.

We had 5 Expert witnesses testify that we had reasonable basis for all information DC1 shared. The FTC had only one witness, a doctor who manages chemo-drug trials globally. On his testimony the Administrative Law Judge ruled against our Ministry of Jesus, Yahshua.

We could not agree to be silenced, as the disciples could not as recorded in the book of Acts. (No doubt, the agenda of ‘Big-Pharma’ weight behind the politics was and is to silence information outside of pharmaceuticals.) We could not bear to turn people away asking for help, and we refused to sign a letter the government wrote and ordered us to send to our customers as it carried a false and misleading message. That message was that there is no science behind our products, and that only chemo and radiation have been proven safe and effective in humans. We could not bear false witness, and so– on that principled stand– entered into the battle we came to call “Health Freedom Fight.”

A “win” was impossible against the regulatory agency, as we were in their, FTC, court, complete with FTC lawyers, FTC commissioners, and an FTC judge. Federal Court upheld the unconstitutional order against us, and the Supreme Court denied hearing our case. That left us at the end of the road, with no other options to fight for the Lord’s Truth. We were charged with contempt of court by the FTC and the Federal District Judge, ultimately over the letter we refused to sign and send out! We were about to be remanded to a DC jail for an INDEFINITE period of time — until we sent the letter — without ever having a jury trial.

In the intensity of the moment, facing marshals with handcuffs, Jim put a fleece before the Lord. He reached into his pocket, and pulled out coins to receive an answer to the question of should he sign the letter. The answer was “no”. The government DOJ lawyer then flipped the order onto me, Tricia, to which I told our lawyer I could never sign that letter either! That’s when the Lord made a hole in the net from which we could escape: Atty Bob Sanger showed me the court order, wherein we were ordered to send the letter, but not ordered to sign it. He asked if I could send the letter, unsigned. I looked at Jim, who once again took coins from his pocket. The answer this time was “yes”. He agreed to send the letter, unsigned.

So we capitulated without bearing false witness, with integrity intact we avoided prison that day – where we would still be, until we sent the government message. Whether or not you agree with us in spiritual and health matters, such tyrannical coercion should concern you as a citizen. We uphold your right to believe as you do, and do not think it the government’s right to put words in your mouth or force you to carry their message as was our case. The FTC refused to send their letter themselves, saying it had to be “believable” to DC1 customers. They intended to mislead the people who received that letter but judging from the many understanding letters mailed back to us, the result was that at least most people were not fooled.

The FTC still seeks fines to destroy us. And during our fight against the FTC oppression, the FDA and IRS joined in, raiding our tiny ministry with a great show of force. And now, after over 3 years of an ongoing criminal investigation, the Grand Jury — hearing only one side of the story — brought a many-count indictment against Jim, and Tricia, and Daniel Chapter One. We have just been arraigned, and now await trial. We pray it is a fair trial, but we trust that no matter what happens, God Almighty, Yahweh Elohim, is in control. He is a purposeful and sovereign Lord, and we pray simply to honor Him. May the testimony of Yahshua, The Glorious Savior, shine forth in the darkness. Even if we are struck down for a season, His Will prevails; Victory is Mine, says the Lord. We pray that you and many others know Him or come to know Him, as we also pray for our enemies and pray to love them as He would have us love them.