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“I Feel Terrific And Owe It All To Daniel Chapter One”

“I fully believe in the vitamins from Daniel Chapter One. I don’t know where I’d be without them. I decided to take my health into my own hands.  Within 3 months, I had energy, was riding my bike, and swimming. I feel terrific and I owe it all to this “alternative” from Daniel Chapter One.

Thank you DC1 and to Jim and Tricia Feijo for giving me the knowledge of what vitamins and herbs can do…keep doing what you are doing so Daniel Chapter One can continue to help millions of people… ”

Tracey Kulikowski, FL

“More People Should Take DC1 Products Instead of Dangerous Drugs…”

I started listening about 5 years ago to Jim and Trish on WARL and that’s when I found out about the Daniel Chapter One products. I have taken some of the products and they work very well. I think they are very good products and I thank God for this company that makes these products and I think more people should take them instead of the dangerous drugs. “

Alice Britto from Pawtucket, RI

“I Take Quite a Number of Your Products Along with My Wife…”

This is to support your fight in people’s wellness.  I listen to your radio program every day if possible, and I take quite a number of your products along with my wife. May the good Lord be your unseen advocate.

Yours in Christ, Arvin Lee from Grand Island, FL

“I Got My Life Back…”

Thank you Jim and Tricia for your products and for helping me. I got my life back, what used to take me all day to get done; I can now do in an hour. I can run around the house if I want to with no pain. I have so much energy now that I don’t know what to do with it, and I can now lift my arms to the air & praise the Lord for my healing.

Your products have truly been a blessing to me, thanks again.

Barbara Collins, PA

“Daniel Chapter One Carries a Wonderful Product Line of Many Products…”

I have been using Daniel Chapter One products for the past six years or so. It’s also nice to know that Daniel Chapter One carries a wonderful product line of many products – health drinks, protein drinks, plus the vitamins, minerals, and oils. Thanks for being there for people like me, who need natural, healthy good products.

Carol Joseph, PA

“I Take Only Daniel Chapter One Products…”

I am 69 years old.  I take only Daniel Chapter One products and no drugs and am doing fine with no problems or pain.  

Dolly Neely from Valdosta, GA

I Don’t Know What We Would Do Without Your Products…”

There have been so many wonderful results from your products that it’s hard to limit the comment. We have a lunch of Endo 24 and never exercise without Electro Carbs.  We haven’t been to the doctor in years and don’t know what we would do without your products.  I would literally go to the ends of the earth for them. Glory be to God for leading us to you!

Cheryl Whittenburg from Poplar Bluff, MO

“GDU is a Wonderful Product!!”

About 5 years ago an angel told me about Daniel Chapter One products.  That’s when I was introduced to the wonderful and only Daniel Chapter One products!!  I got started on the Micro Cal, 1st Kings (AMPM), and other vitamins. The GDU is also a wonderful product!  Both my husband and I use it.  My daughter also uses your products. Thank you Jim and Trish! You have changed our lives and many others through your products and through the praises of God over the radio.  You probably just can’t imagine but the Lord can!!

Connie McGowen from Eustis, FL

“I Can Attest to the Effectiveness of the Above Products…”

I’ve used several of the natural health products and have found them to be very effective. Start taking it and it will work for you.  I had no colds when others were very sick all around me. I can attest to the effectiveness of the above products.  Natural products, like herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. should be used by all Americans.  We would have a healthier populace and be happier.  The cost of healthcare would be going down.  But people must try to prevent illness by taking care of themselves with exercise, sunshine, and fresh air, filtered water, cleaner food, and a positive attitude.  Natural medicine is the best way for prevention and treatment of all illnesses

David Gray from Dudley, MO

“Sero-5 is Awesome.”

Sero-5 is awesome. I thank God for Sero-5, and if this were ever taken off the market, I would be in big trouble!

Margie Morgan

“My Family is Proud of These Products…”

From this moment I knew where my sorrows went.  I took all the doctors pills and FLUSHED THEM….to where they belong.  I am also using Micro Cal and GDU.  My family is proud of these products, and I am proof that these are better than drugs any day. God gave men abilities to use herbs from his earth and therefore, thank God my problems are being taken care of.  Jim and Trish have been chosen to be obedient to his call, to help us.  I have not been paid to give this testimony, its only living proof.

Deenan Saroop from Summerfield, FL

I Began Using the GDU, and After the First Few Days I Felt an Enormous Amount of Relief!”

I was feeling so miserable I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it.  I began using the GDU, and after the first few days I felt an enormous amount of relief!  I have continued to take this product now for over 16 years without one side effect.  I don’t ever want to be without this wonderful product!  GDU has given me back a quality of life that I did not have taking the drugs that I was previously prescribed and I don’t ever want to go back to living like that again.  

Donna M. Trifero from Masontown, PA

“…I Can Swear by That Because it Has Worked for Me!”

I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to try natural herbs because they are put there for our use and they do help the healing of any disease and I can swear by that because it has worked for me! I know that it has worked for many others. I am still taking them and I will probably never stop because when I do then my blood will probably start not working like it should. As of now, it is normal, everything is normal and I am doing great!I was taking medications that had been prescribed to me for different things. I am on no medication at all now. I do not take any prescription drugs. I quit them all because the side effects from certain drugs make you not feel very good. I am not taking any drugs at this time. Since I have studied all this a little bit more, I do understand those herbs have been put there for food and for healing and that is my testimony at this time and this is what I intend to keep on doing.

Dorothy Bridges, UT

“I Appreciate Daniel Chapter One…”

I know God Lives, Jesus is the Christ and they answer prayers. I have lots of people praying for me. I truly believe that God provides products, herbs, plants, things here on this earth that he made that are specifically engineered and designed to combat any ills and any imperfections that we may have. The Bible says that they are placed here for our use and that’s what I have been doing. I pray and pray and ask God for help because I know he is a lot smarter than I am and he has the answers, man does not. God will give us the answers and we will have them if we will use them. I appreciate Daniel Chapter One because I wouldn’t be here without their inspiration, their willingness, and their sacrifice. I think prayer is more powerful than anything we are doing. We have to do what God tells us to do. I know that Jim and Tricia are standing on religious principles and that is what motivates them to do the right thing.

Ernie Jensen from Las Vegas, NV

“My Health Has Been Good and I Attribute This to Micro Cal plus, and GDU caps.  Which I Believe Has Made Me Healthy, and Pain Free…”

I worked 45 years of my life and retired at the age of 63 on July 31, 2004.  I was thankful and excited to start the next chapter of my life.  I spend lots of time with my grandchildren, and I enjoy running.  In Sept. 2005, I woke up and had intense pain on my lower back. I thank God for sending me my niece. She heard of my condition, called me and told me about Daniel Chapter One’s Micro Cal plus, and GDU caps (a natural anti-inflammatory).  I told her that I wanted to try the supplement. My niece ordered me the supplement and a week after I started to feel relief.  My pain was less intensive, from there on I felt better and better. My health has been good and I attribute this to Micro Cal plus, and GDU caps.  Which I believe has made me healthy, and pain free.

Herminia Badillo from Poughkeepsie, NY

“Without Your Products and Helpful Advice on the Air, We Along with out Children, Would be Taking All Kinds of Dangerous Drugs…”

May God bless you both and continue to bless your ministry; you are really a light in the darkness.  Without your products and helpful advice on the air, we along with out children, would be taking all kinds of dangerous drugs. Until we heard your program, we did not know that one could be healthy, just by using the natural plants that God created.  Keep fighting, don’t give up, we believe that the Lord is on your side.

Irene and Bogdan Piasecki from Pensacola, FL

“The Lord Put Me in Touch with Jim and Things Have Just Kind of Taken Off From There…”

I have a pretty amazing story. I was doing some research in the off-season on benefits of more natural sports medicine products in general. A friend in Georgia turned me on to Daniel Chapter One, and one thing led to another. The Lord put me in touch with Jim and thing have just kind of taken off from there. I can imagine the modern day American out there trying to figure out; what can I do to feel better. You go to a doctor’s office and their willing to prescribe about anything you want to take to make you feel better, to mask the pain, or for whatever reason.  You can only imagine what it’s doing to your body, that’s how I think. I’m an athlete and playing so many days is a vigorous schedule. The main thing is its mentally frustrating because you want to perform and help your team win. The whole relevance in life is the fact that we are here for one reason and that is to honor and glorify GOD and I think a lot of times our conceptual life is what I can do good for myself. GOD has definitely provided for each and every one of us but, God’s whole initiative is to glorify himself and for us to think about that is hard to fathom. If our one motive in life is to honor and glorify GOD then that should be his one motive. He’s the only God there is and that should be his motive. The fact that any thing I can do out here on the field and all that, is fun and great. I’ve played in a lot of sports and I can get through it but you look at 5 years down the road and 10 years down the road when I’m just an old washed up ball player and then I pass on from this life. This is definitely something that I have come to grasp with over the last few years. I have enjoyed playing this game and it’s been a blessing to play to it, but this is not what life’s all about. If I can lead others to Christ by being a witness for him and glorify him through my life, then that’ the fun part. Those are the things I look forward to, storing my treasures in heaven and seeing what it’s all about when I get there.

JD Drew, Pro Baseball Player

“I Consider Them to be a Blessing to My Family…”

I was just sort of cruising the radio stations one day back in 2002 when I came across Daniel Chapter One on WARL out of Providence, RI. I heard them and started listening and I liked what they had to say. It was very interesting alternative to the usual stuff that you hear. I had been through some medical problems with my kids. I would take them to different doctors and each doctor, would diagnose the problem as something different each time. I said to myself, something isn’t right here.You go to the doctor and try telling him/her about Daniel Chapter One and they don’t really even want to talk about it. This doctor wasn’t really pushing drugs but his attitude was just like ‘oh sometimes these things do spontaneously take care of themselves.’ He just said whatever you are doing seems to be working. She is no longer taking anything because we are taking her to her regular doctor for regular follow-ups, and she’s not showing any signs of it flaring up again.The specialist described as something that would always be in her system and could never go away and that it could flare up again in the future. I listen to the show quite frequently just for the information. I have found Daniel Chapter One and their products to be very helpful and I like the way Jim and Tricia talk to people. Sometimes people will say, that’s just an infomercial or they are just selling products. Daniel Chapter One does sell products but if you try them and they work for you then maybe there’s something to it. Hopefully Daniel Chapter One will be around long into the future! I consider them to be a blessing to my family because at that time my daughter was sick and as a parent I was very concerned about her. I was scared and worried and praying a lot and things worked out for the best. I try to recommend the products to people as much as I can. It’s hard to get people to switch off of the brainwashed regular medical industry. The doctor wears the white coat and everybody thinks that he’s the expert and you’re not supposed to question him. If you think outside the box, you’re a nut. It’s hard to get through to anybody. I think the whole industry is a gigantic money making complex and the bottom line is the almighty dollar and not a person’s well being. I think doctors themselves mean well and think they are doing the right thing and they go by the information they receive. They usually don’t go beyond their regular studies to see what else is out there. I think there are some doctors out there who are opening up to the idea of looking into other things that will help people. They are just afraid to recommend it because it is not FDA approved.

Jim Cheevers from Easton, MA

“With Daniel Chapter One Products I Have Seen Results in a Short Amount of Time…”

I found out about Daniel Chapter One on a station out of Massachusetts probably about 4 or 5 months ago.  I have listened to some of the other stations that had health products, but the information that Jim and Tricia were giving on the show caught my attention.  I started listening to the show a lot more closely and paying closer attention to what they were saying.  I now live in Arizona and for some strange reason I kept the phone number and the website information for Daniel Chapter One.I am a Christian and I do know that God says that there are things that he has put in place for us to be able to help heal us.  I really think it’s a God send that we have people out there like Jim and Tricia who are really trying to provide a natural remedy to some of the health issues that we face.  I really thank God that I was able to find Daniel Chapter One, because I had researched some other things and they said that their product would work and nothing actually worked and I never saw any results.  With Daniel Chapter One products I have seen results in a short amount of time.  I thank God every day that I found Daniel Chapter One.

Jimmy Lincoln

“I Wouldn’t be Functioning Without Your Products…

I use your products regularly and recommend them whenever I get the chance.  I’m 71 and still working construction – wouldn’t be functioning without your products.  Wish I’d known about them 10 years ago. Thank you for putting the knowledge out there for those who are looking for it.  God Bless You!!

John Burke, a longtime KCXL listener. Kansas City, KS

“It is a Life or Death Issue if I Don’t Use GDU, 7 Herb, A&B Biotropins, etc…

Daniel Chapter One was the answer.  It is a life or death issue if I don’t use GDU, 7 Herb, A&B Biotropins, etc.  In 2 years I’m feeling great! Walking and jogging 4-5 miles a day!In the name of my Heavenly Father, Y’shua Messiah.

Joseph Petrarca from Johnston, RI

“This is the First Time That I’ve had Anything Work.”

This is the first time that I’ve had anything to work. Nothing else in my vitamin regimen has changed, except for taking the 7 Herb, so I know it is the herbs in this formula that have worked. Other vitamins didn’t help.” Judy’s husband, Lloyd, states, “It’s a miracle, a God-send the way that it has worked for her.

Judy Schopmeyer from Muncie, IN

“Daniel Chapter One Has Been an Answer to Our Prayers.”

I want to thank you for your products and advice on how to care for my family. Daniel Chapter One has been an answer to our prayers. Thank you Trish, Thank you DC1!

Kerry Whitener and Family

“GDU and 7 Herb Formula Are Direct From God”

I’m going to continue to take the GDU and 7 Herb Formula because they are direct from God. I really believe that. It is truly a miracle from God.  I’m thankful to God for allowing me to hear Jim & Trish on the radio. I listen to them on WIGO in Atlanta, GA.

Larry Davis from Ellenwood, GA

“I Keep GDU, Micro Cal, Health Blast, and Sinus Remedy on Hand at All Times.”

I keep GDU, Micro Cal, Health Blast, and sinus remedy on hand at all times.  I thank God for your products and pray for you all. God Bless!!

Liz Ketelboeter from Valdosta, GA

“GDU Has Helped Me Improve My Independence.”

I take the Endo 24, Micro Cal Plus, Superior Herbal Fat Burners, Bio C, and the liquid Hawthorn. I am so glad that Daniel Chapter One is there and on the radio. I hope they keep going. I think it’s just terrible the way the government is controlling everything. I am really heart sick about the way the country is going. I am so delighted that Jim and Tricia are on the radio. I’m interested in my health and the health of my family and the natural way is the way to go. I’m sold on it! Because of the outstanding and remarkable effects of the GDU, I am delighted to say that I was able to garden again this year where as in the past; I was unable to do so. GDU has helped me improve my independence

.Mary Patterson Kansas City, MO

“I Have Had Great Success with These Products…”

I have had great success with these products. I passed on the products and other information to others and it helped everyone. My husband has a restaurant, and I’m a nurse so we tell many people, it is a blessing. I pray we always have these products. I need them to live. Before I had these products, my quality of life was very poor. These products have enriched my life and the lives of everyone we know.

Michelle Metrovich-Shanley from Pittsburgh, PA

“Your Deliverance and Healing…”

We are all encouraged by what the Lord is doing through prayer, prophecy, and your testimony and ministry.  We are standing on the Word in prayer that the breakthrough is just ahead!  Your deliverance and healing from MS, our meeting through Dick Alexander—all of it is remarkable!  Mark 11:23-24

By His Grace Alone,

Michael Coneally from Manchester, NH

“These Products Are Not Hurting Anybody but Helping!”

My husband researches a lot of homeopathic and natural things. He listens to the radio a lot and he came across Daniel Chapter One and he heard about the GDU. The drugs do not help but Daniel Chapter One products do. These products are not hurting anybody but helping! Thank God that somebody found something like this that is helping people without having all the side effects and all this stuff that hurts you so much.

Miriam Boland

“… So She Bore Up Under it By Prayer and with Natural Supplements.”

The doctor would not help her with pain medications, so she bore up under it by prayer and with natural supplements. Praise god for those who have written the information in books and magazines. She would have died at the hands of the doctors. She goes to her doctor when she needs to, and respects them; but knows to pray to her Father in heaven first, read for herself, and trust God to help her make the right decision for her body. I am so glad she does. I love her very much, and I thank God she is still with me!

Pamela Bockey

“God Has Created Everything That We Need and Put it in Our Possession…”

I have been to about eight different countries as a professional soldier and I see what people go through by not having access to certain choices.  When we talk about faith, I think God has created everything that we need and put it in our possession.  Kind of like the Adam and Eve story, they tried to change God where God wasn’t reverent to them…God has basically supplied them with a particular place and resources for their good, but they looked over that and instead of trying to act on what God has made for them, they tried to act on what they thought God has made for God.  I think that’s what messes lot of people up.We get caught up in other people’s systems and who are often people who act of greed and who don’t care anything about the reality a saving humanity and a lot of us get trapped up in those ways of life and we suffer while they benefit.

Paul Williams

“Daniel Chapter One and the Products That Have Changed My Life…”

I want to take this time to thank you for your work with Daniel Chapter One and the products that have changed my life. This week I have been working on my Miami home installing a new water line, meter to house, about 80 feet of trench digging thru solid coral rock!  I worked 10 hours, thru the noon time sun at temps over 93 degrees, stopping each couple hours to gas the machine and Electro Carbs for me. At the end of the day I was shocked at how good I felt.  Not only from the job I did, but from how I was NOT tired, sore, or passing out from the heat. My life has been saved because of you two, and by the products you provide!  For a 58-year-old man, I feel and work like I did at 35 years old. All my friends are on one or more medications for all sorts of problems.  I have learned thru your teachings to stay away from the products man produces and rely on the products God has provided. Again, thank you for GDU, 7 Herb Formula, Micro Cal Plus and many other products.  Again, thank you!

Rayfield Baisley from Miami, FL

“…Simply Amazed at How Well They Work!”

My family and I have used Daniel Chapter One products for several years and are simply amazed at how well they work. All we can say is, Thank God for Daniel Chapter One products because the doctors were of no help.  Thanks for you wonderful Daniel Chapter One products.

Ralph and Janet Hoffman from Salem, MO

“Your Products Work…”

I heard about you on WVTJ, 610 AM in Pensacola. I am a licensed nurse and I see the results of medications that I have even administered.  I knew I didn’t want that for myself. I decided to try Daniel Chapter One products, especially since they say they pray over all of their products and I know you can’t beat prayer. And it’s from God’s Creation, so I knew that things would just work out with them.   Your products work. The herbs that the Lord has provided for us, they work, they don’t need chemicals. Our bodies don’t need that extra stuff that they add. Others are using a form of the herb, but they’re adding chemicals to it that are causing the problems. The side effects from what they are putting in there, is not what our body needs. It’s trying to steal, kill, and destroy God’s Creation. It’s for their increase too.

Regina Harrison from Pensacola, FL

“DC1 Products in General as the Highest Quality Available…”

I am a 36 year old male residing in western Pennsylvania and wish to share my testimony concerning Daniel Chapter One’s 7 Herb formula, GDU, and multiple other products. I wish to testify to DC1 products in general as the highest quality available.  My entire family uses the various nutritional powders, vitamin C, Ezekiel Oil, Genesis Oil, Micro Cal plus, A&B Biotropins, and Superior Herbal Fat Burners primarily. People are amazed when I tell them that my children have never been on an antibiotic, never had a vaccination, and are in perfect health.  They all drink 1st Kings on a daily basis.  As a family, we would be devastated were we not able to have access to these products in the future.  This freedom of choice is imperative.May this testimony; as well as countless others help to convince any who are skeptical, or even fearful, of the safety, efficacy and God-given blessing of these nutrients.

Shonder Bontempo from Irwin, PA

“It Changed My Life…”

I was just cruising through the radio and by accident a year and a half ago I listened to the Daniel Chapter One show. I am so happy that I found Daniel Chapter One. It changed my life. I think that I am blessed that Daniel Chapter One is able to provide me with these products, I do believe in them. They are a blessing from God. They have helped so many people and they have helped me. They are just Terrific!

Sonia Petros from Plymouth, MA

I Was Very Impressed About Results I Have Gotten…”

We listen to your radio program every day and learn that we have a choice to natural solutions but the government is trying to take away from us that choice. We can restore our health through nutrients as well but not through the drugs approved by FDA and drugs contaminated from China. The products developed by you, Jim, have blessed many people and my husband, my daughter, and I are among them. Prescription drugs made the condition worse and I decided to take your GDU and Lecithin. I was very impressed about results I have gotten.We believe 100% in your product effectiveness based just on our personal experience.

Teresa Fairwood from Grand Island, FL

“…We All Take the “1st Kings” Drink for Breakfast to Start Our Day Right!”

Here is a letter of testimony sharing what we at the Neal’s family have witnessed to be true and right regarding supplementing Daniel Chapter products, and also because of what the Lord of my life the Lord Jesus Christ who is the Lord of all.

I first heard of your product thorough your radio broadcast, “…Daniel Chapter One Health Watch…” aired daily over the radio station WWAB, AM 1330, located here in Lakeland, FL.  Your show has been the first show I’ve heard which concerns itself with sharing the truth about what your bodies needed in order to strengthen the immune system. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ! In order to strengthen my immune system, and now my wife, eighteen-year-old daughter, her three-month-old daughter, and my fifteen-year-old son’s immune system we all take the “I Kings” drink for breakfast to start our day right! We have seen grade scores in my son’s schoolwork improve.  Even our grand daughter has remarkable health for a three-month-old child. Thank you for your hard work these many years. Bless You!

Steve Neal, for his family, from Lakeland, FL

 Powerful Healing Effects of God Given Nutrients…”

Powerful healing effects of God given nutrients. Thank you Jim and Trish for sharing the knowledge of these God given nutrients with us, and making them available so we can experience the health and healing our Creator intended.  

Tim Borron from Buckner, MO

“He is Grateful That We Have Found Daniel Chapter One…”

My family has taken many different drugs over the years.  Every time our doctor gave one of us a drug, he had to give us another drug to counteract the side effects of the previous drug and so on…. For a long time, we wished our vitamins or food would help to heal us.  But we trudged on through our life not able to find the answers we desperately needed.He is grateful that we have found Daniel Chapter One because he will no longer have to deal with drugs and the side effects they cause.None of my illnesses were going to be life threatening in the near future, but they were going to significantly reduce the quality of life I would have led.  The quality of life is much more important than the length, but I wanted both!  Daniel Chapter One products and homeopathy have saved me from a dark, poor quality, and short life!  I praise God each day I can get up and be with my children because of what these wonderful people have done for us.  We don’t have to be on drugs for the rest of our lives or take more drugs to counter act those drugs and that is quite freeing.Jim and Tricia Feijo are saving the lives of so many and we have a burden of love to carry for these wonderful people and their healing ministry.

Tonya Johnson, Founder/Teacher-Life Music Foundation from Waldron, IN