1 st Kings Story In the early days of Daniel Chapter One, Tricia and I started out as a Health Food store and Tricia was predominantly interested in organic foods, healthy cooking and eating. I was interested in athletes and as a coach I was more interested in the foods they eat, when and what they ate, how their energy was used, and what was happening physiologically. At that time, which was about twenty two years ago roughly there was a lot of push in muscle magazines and sports magazines for nutrition in sports things like proteins and carbohydrates and different kinds of growth and muscle stimulates and all kinds of crazy stuff out there. Who knows what they were? Drugs or Not Drugs, Good or Bad or Ugly, nobody knew.

I had been using other people’s products because we were not interested in making products. It wasn’t our goal to have a product line. We never did that, all we cared about and our initial goal was to deal with the people’s needs that came in and we were hands on we would pray for them both children and adults. We would ask them if they minded if we laid hands on them and pray for them. We have done that from the first days until now. We believe in the power of prayer! We also realized that God has a purpose in creation for our foods and for nutrients in those foods. So, as we were looking at the development of sports products that were being put out on the market we decided there must be something to that. We had a couple shelves with different company’s products such as proteins and carbohydrates. I was dealing with athletes and other people who were coming in sick with different kinds of illness. In my mind, I wanted to figure out scientifically what was going on. So I started using some of these proteins and carbohydrates that were on the market. People would come in and ask will you sell this product and that product. So, we sold proteins, carbohydrates, and some other products. One day these two young men came in and they were telling me about their mother who had Multiple Sclerosis and they asked me if I would be willing to talk to her. I said, “Sure” so she came in and I discussed things with her.

In the meantime, I started seeing that there has to be some kind of chemistry/biochemistry going on with these people who are coming in who are sick whether it be a 56 year old lady or a 29 year old Marine who had Multiple Sclerosis. These were the kind of people who were coming in to see me. I was using products with them when I realized that we have to evaluate what was happening to these people. I started to write a computer program and this computer program evolved and actually it was divinely inspired. Today, no man could write it, I couldn’t write it again, no man could write it, not a man on the planet that exists or has existed could write this. It was truly divinely given. There are long complicated logarithmic formulas and there are things concerning the biochemistry that supposedly couldn’t be done just by writing a computer program and taking body measurements.

I would take their medical information to determine what was happening to the body of these people. I started writing all these formulas by hand. I didn’t have a computer back then, 22 years ago. It would take forever just to get the body fat composition and other numbers just using a hand calculator. It was extremely time consuming and I realized that I needed to get a computer. I wrote most of it in DOS. I had done some of that previously, I had written some programs when I was teaching at a Christian School. I had started even before writing programs in DR DOS and DOS giving kids exams on a computer using programs that I had written. In the meantime, I wrote this program which took me hours and hours to write and as usual, I was supposed to backup the information and I hit a key and all that work was lost. It was midnight already and I was basically in tears because I didn’t have anything written down because I was just writing these things as God was giving them to me and I would just create the program on the computer. It was midnight and I had been sitting there for hours writing this stuff out and this was just the very fundamental pages of this program which is now quite extensive. I lost it and I was distraught and basically in tears.

The Lord picked me up and I stopped my whining and I began to do redo it. I worked five hours straight from midnight to 5:00 a.m. rewriting the whole thing again. That was the foundation of what I needed to start to evaluate people. This program was either going to work or it wasn’t going to work. A lot of what the program was to help do was to determine what was happening physiologically to these people’s bodies. So, if these things were right and I made the correction then I would be able to know what I should be giving somebody instead of guessing. I could ascertain the biochemical needs physiologically for these individuals whether they are athletes, healthy, sick, want to gain weight, lose weight, elder or bed ridden people or children who were growth deficient or whatever. I would take this information that revealed what was happening and I would apply my limited knowledge of physiology with things that God will reveal from his word. With this computer program, I would be using other people’s products.

What I discovered was, chemistry is chemistry and whether this computer program I wrote was accurate or inaccurate, chemistry is chemistry. If it is accurate then it should be accurate no matter whose products I was using. What I discovered, is that if someone is taking 20 grams of proteins and 20 grams of carbohydrates, I am just using those numbers as examples, that different forms of carbohydrates by different companies or different grades of proteins by different companies was related to different results and that can’t be, because chemistry is chemistry. so it doesn’t matter whether a single replacement ­ double replacement or a series of complex chemical reactions in biochemistry, was involved it has to be the same.

So, I realized that there was something wrong in the nutrition world and what was wrong was not everybody was honest. What they were doing was some people would have excellent products and some people were marketing their business for pure profit. Their goal in any business is to get the most for their efforts. That I believe is what caused me to say, “Hey there is something wrong, I need to come out and start developing our own products.”

The first thing we did was to start getting high quality proteins and carbohydrates in. I contacted Archer Daniel Midland and Protein Technology International and they sent me hundreds of pounds of samples for me to experiment with. Then, what happened was I would give people proteins, carbohydrates and B vitamins etc and tell them this is what you should be taking and this what I think our program shows that you need. (This is why you lost muscle mass.) This allowed us to evaluate a series of complex biochemical activities. I was able to tell if there was deamination going on, if there was negative nitrogen balance, alanine glucose cycle all of these things you supposedly have to do by saliva, blood, or urine sampling and even biopsies. I could now do through this computer program I wrote. In the process, what took place was people would say I have to take one scoop of this, two scoops of that, can’t you just make a formula and put it all together. I treated everybody individually because everybody showed different needs and that’s pretty much the way God would work everybody’s unique and everybody’s different.

People kept asking can’t you just make a formula and put it all together and I said, “Sure why not.” So, I contacted Labs, I said here’s the formula I would like. 1 st Kings 17:6 was our first Bio­molecular Formula ever. The desire to create the formula came from the revelation that God gave in 1 st Kings 17:6. Now, anybody in church knows that the pastors and religious leaders like to use 1 st Kings 17:6 and Deuteronomy 25:4 to motivate church folks to give money to the pastor because we’ve got to take care of the pastor. Having taught chemistry, biology, and physical science over the years I looked at these and realized that God had a purpose beyond pastors using that for financial support. I realized that there had to be some order in creation that God was presenting here. So, I took that verse and where the Lord says that he sent the Raven to feed the prophet by the brook and I took that and I saw that the Raven brought bread, meat, and there was water. So, that’s when I started doing a little background research on what is in bread and meat and what nutritional components are in them; proteins, vitamins etc. and that’s how I came about with the first bio molecular nutritional product because of the revelation of 1 st Kings 17:6. It was originally called Metabolic Optimizer. I was trying to be scientific in my naming but, some big company stole the name Metabolic Optimizer so, I couldn’t use that anymore because we are not a big company. We’ve had big company’s steal other names of our products and try to imitate us. What took place during the product evolving into 1 st Kings 17:6 was it went from metabolic optimizer to AM/PM. The AM/PM came about because the prophet was fed in the morning and the evening. That concept of being fed in the morning and the evening brought it into a deeper understanding physiologically that I found parallel to God’s optimizing of health and healing and providing essential hormones for the day and healing at night. The timing became very important. it was here God revealed that every morning, when a person woke up , they should eat what was equal to bread, meat and water. Therefore it would be necessary to take three heaping scoops of the Metabolic Optimizer which is now 1 st Kings 17:6 and every night before bed take another three heaping scoops optimizing one’s health. So, that’s what we recommend for optimum health for anyone is to take the 1 st Kings every morning when you wake up and every night. Now, the amazing part about this revelation is that when we wake up the God given Endocrine and Exocrine systems which pump out hormones and enzymes are set in to action. The purpose of which is to provide for energy and health immediately for the brain, heart and the rest of the body as you begin the day and again while you are sleeping. Now those hormones only have a life span of 45 minutes to an hour or so it all depends on the health of the liver. In the meantime, if you eat solid food it’s not the optimal thing to do for muscle growth or healing. Even a glass of orange juice takes two hours to digest so the nutrients won’t be there when the hormones are there. Unlike foods BioMolecular Nutrients are designed to be available immediately. What I saw, is it is important to get these nutrients in while the Endocrine and Exocrine system are active, otherwise if you don’t have the nutrients there, then, the body can’t provide the cells what is needed and then the process cachexia results (muscle wasting). It starts to break down healthy tissue and decrease blood glucose in order to get energy for the demands you are putting on it. I realized that we have to get the nutrients in to the blood system while the hormones and enzymes of the Endocrine and Exocrine systems are functioning. So, not only the content of that food of 1 st Kings 17:6 of the bread, the water, and the meat was important but the actual timing. That is one of the foundational principals of bio molecular nutrition besides having optimal nutritional content it has to be bioavailable and available at the time the endocrine system is active. So, 1 st Kings 17:6 has become a product that is readily available and that’s why so many people from infants to people who are terminally ill, who have been in comas, on feeding tubes, etc have been able to recover or attain to specific needs for healing. People who have had muscle wasting from cancer and cancer treatments have been able to restore their lost mass better than anybody could ever do ever using other substances, especially foods. The other aspect the timing factor was essential and is most effective at night before bed and in the morning when you wake. This time can be a stumbling to people because it has been said don’t eat at night before bed you are going to gain weight which is true when you eat foods because the food gets digested and stored as body fat when you eat food late at night; however, when you use the fuel in the 1 st Kings 17:6, three heaping scoops it is actually like kerosene on a fire. It in fact will fuel metabolism and the other great thing is that the Endocrine system after you go to sleep one of the anabolic steroidal functions of the Endocrine system is the production of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland within an hour to two hours after you are asleep. So, if you go to sleep and you haven’t eaten or if you go to sleep and you have eaten those two situations can lead to a detrimental condition health wise because those hormones are going to get what they need no matter what. If it has to rob it from healthy tissues it will do that. These negative bio chemical activities can be avoided by using bio molecular nutrients. The 1 st Kings 17:6 three heaping scoops, 300 plus calories with nutrients are available for that Endocrine activity while you are sleeping which is necessary for repair and healing. These two timing factors are crucial in the concept of our developing of the 1 st Kings 17:6. Now here’s how we came about the name 1 st Kings 17:6. Big companies with lawyers and lots of money started using the term Metabolic Optimizer so we began using AM/PM. As mentioned earlier we used the name AM/PM to try to coordinate with the process of taking it in the morning and taking it in the evening. I would say, “take it in the AM take it in the PM” so that became the name after we decide we didn’t have the means to financially fight to keep the name Metabolic Optimizer. Later on, after years and years of AM/PM as a name, we received some letters from lawyers from Atlantic Richfield a big oil company who owns the AM/PM convenient stores and another company which was a vitamin company. They were both claiming they have the rights to AM/PM. Well, I just looked at it and said, “Ok God’s behind this, God is directing this and there’s a reason he doesn’t want it called AM/PM” because who does that glorify. It doesn’t glorify anybody accept man or maybe Daniel Chapter One. It was awesome what had happened. I said “well what are we going to do now?” and it just hit me. I said, “the name of our company and the name of our ministry is Daniel Chapter One and the name of our radio program is Daniel Chapter One Healthwatch.” I thought, “I don’t want to call it Daniel Chapter One. I need to use, how did I get this formula and how did I get the revelation for the science of Biomolecular nutrition?” It was 1 st Kings 17:6. So, everyone was dismayed like every time I name something. Everybody gets bent out of shape. I said, “No we are calling it 1 st Kings 17: 6” It’s God’s revelation, it’s God’s work, it’s what he showed us and it works! It’s just been a phenomenal product without equal anywhere on the planet. I said, “we are going to call it 1 st Kings 17:6 the original formula” and that’s what we did. At that time, we had been increasing protein into the 1 st Kings 17:6 in the form of AM/PM. When we changed I realized what we needed to do is go back to the original formula of 1 st Kings 17:6 and then develop a second product which we ended up calling Endo24 which was higher in soy proteins. because of the need for more protein of the soy which is God given soy which is obviously under attack by every creature on the planet because they don’t want people healthy. There is so much bogus informaton out about soy and the only purpose is to deny God’s glory. I realized we needed to do that so we put the amount of protein that we needed in the form of soy into the Endo24. We called it Endo24 because of the Endocrine system that God revealed which was important and it obviously functions in our life 24 hours a day. That’s pretty much the evolution of 1 st Kings 17:4 and how we ended up moving into two different formulas. Two other products that came out of this were the PrePost and the TPB. What we realized was that the athlete needed more of the energy supplying nutrients that we put in from our crystalline fructose and maltodextine so instead of 300 calories there was 500 calories per serving in the PrePost. There were several important physiological reasons. The TPB which was originally called The Perfect Blend and again somebody had claimed to have rights to it. So we changed the name to Tricia’s Perfect Blend. It was Tricia’s idea to patent this formula because so many people had been compromised between poisonous tap water with fluoride or chlorine in it and antibiotics and people with varying disease states that have lost their front line immune system because of stress or had C­sections or had not been fully breast fed. The lack of the God given front­line immunity exist in a majority of people today, major percentage of people if not 99% of the population because of fluoride and chlorine, because of stress, because of antibiotics, because of vaccines, because of whatever goes against God’s order. The two bacteria that we have in our A & B Biotropins, which is a product that we developed to provide a human strain of acidophilus and bifidus, were added to the TPB with IG Factors, a series of proteins called immunoglobulins. We combine the Biotropins and IG Factors which is the front­line immune system God had determined from birth from a natural vaginal birth and from breastfeeding. So, we added these to the TPB because you destroy the front­line immune system, the acidophilus and the bifidus, when you take antibiotics, drink water with chlorine and fluoride. This will create a deficiency and a lack of protection which can lead to serious illnesses Crohn’s, Diverticulitis and any type of so called bowel disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (a syndrome which means they have no idea what’s going on but then they tell you we can treat it, we can surgically do things and we can give you drugs, steroids and etc.) What’s interesting is this is the kind of stuff that we have never pushed because we weren’t trying to push products. I am saying this now because the FTC and the FDA are coming against us. The only reason I’m even doing this right now and telling this whole story is because the government is basically acting like tyrants and bullies, when all we have tried to do is help restore people’s health. These are the things that need to be given to people. And one of the reasons we are fighting for this and I am giving this story right now is because God deserves to be glorified. What is this all about? It’s about Satan, through the FDA and FTC trying to prevent knowledge to be given to God’s people. It’s about Satan being worshipped through pharmacopeia, witchcraft, drugs. One thing is for certain: the people who follow him end up suffering and dying. The medical system can make tons of money on sickness, and Satan wants to be glorified and this allows him to steal the glory that belongs to Jesus. I used to ask, Lord why do I need nutrients? Why do I need anything? Can’t I just lay hands on people, don’t you say the prayer of a righteous man availeth much and to lay hands on people, and believe the people will be healed and pray without ceasing and just believe. As people came to us and the opportunity presented itself we would do that. Before I met Tricia I used to have my own street ministry and of course the churches didn’t like that because they only wanted me to do what they wanted to do, follow them and obey their doctrines while denying the teaching of Jesus. I couldn’t stand buying and selling and I couldn’t stand not having the faith, I felt that it was lack of faith trying to use these herbs and to use these products and to use the computer program. I just felt like I was lacking faith and I just wanted to walk by faith. So, what happened was God gave me peace about this whole issue and then he showed me in Colossians 1:15 that everything was created by the Lord, by Jesus, for Jesus, for His Glory that nothing was created except that He created it. So, in that process it all of sudden dawned on me, that’s why we have to use nutrients that’s why we have to use herbs, vitamins, and minerals and creation itself in any form Bioshark, shark cartilage, whatever is out there that he wants us to use. He says that He has given us everything for our health and healing, for a Godly life. So, he means everything. I saw what happened when he said that and he showed me that in Colossians chapter one. I go; WOW that’s what it’s all about. Satan is deceiving the whole world that they believe by the lying spirits that they have to have man’s vaccines, man’s drugs, man’s order in everything, man’s antibiotics, man’s chemo, man’s radiation because that’s the answer almighty science that almighty man offers. It’s just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden, surely God didn’t mean for you to not take drugs, because surely God created these men who created these drugs. Surely there can’t be anything wrong with them, they must be good. The reality of it is that’s why husbands have got to learn to be a cover because Adam didn’t cover Eve. He was right there when Eve was tested and he didn’t stop her. He didn’t cover her therefore he let her eat that which was forbidden. So she was deceived and man sinned and that’s how come the sin is there because he knew not to do it and he didn’t cover the family. That’s what is going on in the world right now, Christians are out there they are taking drugs and pastors are on Prozac they’re all dealing with witchcraft and their hearts are dark. It just goes hand in hand, you can’t continue in these ways. If they are defiling themselves they are defiling themselves. (God says you condemn yourself by what you approve.) The FDA and FTC are trying to say that we planned all this. That we are such great marketers and we are this and that. We have never really planned anything. We have tried some things occasionally to market something and try to improve things for everybody but they all failed. “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit,” says the Lord. Satan wants us not to have these products, not to give out this information because Satan knows that God’s people perish for lack of knowledge. So the FTC and the FDA wants to silence the voice that will glorify the Lord God Almighty and the spirit of Jezebel which is the bed of sickness. It’s the spirit of Jezebel that hates God’s people, hates Gods anointed; it is causing all this sickness to children and causing all this death. It tells the woman to not obey her husband because she’s smarter or is better educated or whatever will deceive the women. That’s not what scriptures reveals, the Lord says wives just to submit. It’s the spirit of Jezebel that has these mothers offering over their children, their daughters to things like the Gardasil or any other vaccination and that’s why we have a bed of sickness from ADHD, ADD, Autism, Death, Childhood Leukemia due to vaccines, the injection of vitamin K within an hour or two after a child is born it’s just hideous what is going on. The deception is great the lies abound but the TRUTH will set the captives free. This is the battle, to present the TRUTH of Jesus; to provide information to the people, to rescue the perishing, and to heal the sick, to feed the hungry, to help the orphan, and the widows. We are our brothers’ keeper!