Because We Are Not Guilty

Because We Are Not Guilty

Posted on April 19, 2011by dc1freedom

The federal trade commission has been viciously pursuing and persecuting Daniel Chapter One for several years over the ministry’s information about natural ways to help a body fight cancer and the true testimonies of people healed with Daniel Chapter One products.

They cry “false advertising/false marketing” only because DCO has not done double-blind placebo controlled studies (like those forever manipulated by Big Pharma) and actually claim that you — the consumer– assume and expect that such hundred-million dollar drug studies have been done on our natural products! We have never claimed that nor led anyone to believe that.

IF we were guilty of false advertising/marketing as charged by the ftc –of any wrongdoing– we would have settled in NY 3 years ago when the ftc offered to drop any monetary fine if we’d only agree to censor our information and sign and send out the letter they wrote.

IF we were guilty, we could have settled, and walked away with 2 million dollars in savings plus nearly as much in assets — and moved out of the country or at least into obscurity. Instead we have spent nearly that — our life savings — on legal fees.

IF we were guilty of false advertising/marketing, the ftc would have brought charges based on “falsity” — but they did not! They could not! Their only charge, which the facts contradict, is “no reasonable basis.”

IF we were guilty, the ftc would NOT have blocked all our witnesses in court preventing them from speaking.

IF we were guilty, the ftc would have found one –at least one! — consumer to complain, from the over 25 years DCO has been in healing ministry. They do not have one, NOT one.

IF we were guilty, five respectable Expert Witnesses including a world-renowned botanist, a world renowned herbalist, a naturopathic physician, and 2 university professors would not have risked their reputations to vouch for the reasonable scientific basis supporting Daniel Chapter One information.

BECAUSE WE ARE NOT GUILTY we refused to sign the false letter written by the ftc, we refused to be bribed by them, we refused to be silenced by them, and we have spent 20 years of savings which was about to be used to build a warehouse/ worship center/ school, because we must stand and fight the lies and the fraud and the tyrannical oppression of the ftc.

It would be wrong of us to do otherwise.