Nancy Cecil

Chattanooga, TN

“I’m not sure exactly when I started taking the products. I had had a problem with my cholesterol for several years. In 2005, it was 215 and then it went up to 230 and then I brought it back down to 200 and then it actually went up to 242 last year. I went back to the doctor and my cholesterol had gone from 242 down to 187. That was probably a period of 6 months.

But I heard about Daniel Chapter One, found them on the radio here in Chattanooga, TN. I just started listening to the people calling in and to testimonies and how knowledgeable they were about health issues. These were real people calling in with real issues and some people were giving good reports about their products. So I decided to order because my cholesterol was so high. My first call to Jim and Trish was high cholesterol, overweight, and starting to get hot flashes. So they told me I needed to take Endo 24 (1-2 scoops twice a day), Superior Herbal Fat Burners (6 a day), HCA (1 bottle – 2-3 times a day before meals), and GDU (3, 4 times a day). Over the course of time, about 6 months, I have taken out the HCA. I’m still taking the Endo 24 and GDU at the same levels I started out with and the Superior Herbal Fat Burners just once a day. I took the A& B Biotropins and IG Factors for just 2-3 months. I’ve also started taking Micro Cal Plus (4 a day) for about a month and a half. I had a sore shoulder and it’s actually better. It certainly doesn’t hurt as much.

At night I take the DHEA and I only started that about a month ago. That has helped with hot flashes and irregular periods.

I go out and tell everybody I know about how my cholesterol has gone down and they call me a spokesperson.

Even my dog has had some issues with her liver enzymes. I started giving her A & B Biotropins and IG Factors. She was having some diarrhea and I haven’t had her checked, but she hasn’t had any diarrhea since I started her on that. After about 2 weeks, she was finished. I need to get her blood levels done.