DC1 Silenced

Trade Commission Order is an Order to Silence Truth.

The Supreme Court will conference TOMORROW and decide if they will hear the case or not.

(republished from http://www.dc1freedom.com)


The atrocity of Daniel Chapter One being silenced is that it has not been found guilty of– nor even accused of– a single falsehood. Not one Daniel Chapter One testimony, not one bit of information shared (BioGuide, Most Simple Guide, or Cancer Newsletter) has been found false. Nope! Daniel Chapter One is being punished for testifying to the truth.

The FTC deny evidence of the truth.

The Federal trade commission lawyers, who know nothing about God’s way of healing and nothing about perverse conventional cancer treatment*, say that clinical drug trials – no matter how manipulated and false – are the only evidence that can be relied upon and shared. (*Trade commission lawyer Carol Paynter admitted this ignorance during depositions. Shame on her and on them all for seeking to silence knowledge! Should we all be ignorant because of fools?)

From one side of their hypocritical mouths the trade commission says that testimonies offer “little evidence” and so the sharing of testimonies is a punishable offense. (What evil is that? There is NO rule, no act, no law against sharing testimonies.) The trade commission blocked all our witnesses ready to testify to the efficacy of Daniel Chapter One products in court and have ordered us to cease-and-desist sharing testimonies.

Yet to serve their master and crucify Daniel Chapter One, the trade commission used the testimony of one man who makes his money managing chemo drug trials and testifying in court (Drug-trial manager Denis Miller was paid $20,000.00 to testify against Daniel Chapter One.) He did not testify to any experience with Daniel Chapter One products; he just testified to his “opinion”.

The word testimony in the Dictionary directs you to the word evidence. Under evidence, “3. Law, the data, in the form of testimony of witnesses. . .offered to the court or jury in proof of the facts in issue.” (American College Dictionary)

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