Tendonitis and Fibromyalgia

October 27, 2008

Lee DeMitchell

I was channel surfing on the radio when I heard your program. Two weeks later I got a flare up of Diverticulitis.  I had the same problem 3 years earlier so I knew the symptoms.  I checked your Simple Guide and found the products to help me.  The pain was gone in one day and I was back to normal in three days.  I also had tendonitis in my elbows and took the GDU it was gone in two weeks.  My wife has Fibromyalgia so I put her on GDU and one week later her pain was gone now she no longer is suffering.  I wasn’t a believer in natural products before but I am now, and it saved me money I would have to spend at the hospital since I don’t have insurance.  Thank you DC1 for your great products.  I shop at Natures Pharmacy in Altoona, FL.