Michelle Thompson

Kansas City

  “I had found about Daniel Chapter One through my husband. He has listened to Daniel Chapter One Healthwatch for years. I had a back injury about 25 years ago that I have been treating for years. Over the last ten years I have been going to the Chiropractor and had just been taking standard over the counter medicine like Ibuprofen and stuff like that and it never really got any better. My husband had been working on me trying to get me to take these supplements from Daniel Chapter One so, he finally just went down and purchased them for me. The first one I remember taking was the GDU. I would say within two or three days I noticed a significant difference. I was able to get out of bed in the morning and I was able to take a shower in the morning. The way that my pain works is, that it gets worse during the night.

  I thought all my pain was from a back injury that happened 25 years ago, truth be told I was actually diagnosed with fibromyalgia in the beginning of this year. That is why I have been having all the different pain in my back. The pain just has been a result of my old back injury. I found out through X-ray’s and MRI that I don’t have the damage to my spine that I thought I had. I just have the symptoms of fibromyalgia where you just have pain everywhere.

  I started out taking the GDU, (3 tablets, 4 times a day) and then I cut down to taking it three times a day. Now I only take it 2 or 3 times a day. I have been on the GDU for about four months.

  The thing I noticed about it the most, is that if you take the traditional anti-inflammatory medicine they only work for the amount of time that they say they do. That’s not the case with GDU you can take the GDU and you continually feel better. That’s the biggest significant difference is that I actually feel like I’m getting healed. For the first time in my life in ten years I have hope that I’m going to get better.  

  I also take the Carniplex , GS1500, and the Microcal Plus and I’m going to start taking the Endo 24. I take these as a part of my daily routine everyday. I think if a lot more people were to realize just how much this would help them, I think they would benefit a lot from this. I try to tell everybody I know. I am sick and tired of these big businesses poisoning us whether it is the Pharmaceutical companies or whether it’s through our foods.”