History of the FTC: Is there a reason for the Tyranny?

History of the FTC: Is there a reason for the Tyranny?

Posted on May 10, 2011by dc1freedom

Daniel Chapter One has submitted an appeal to the Supreme Court against the Federal Trade Commission. This has been a battle lasting more than three years. How did this small nutrition company get to this point where no other company has gone before? To understand this, we need to look at the history of the FTC and Daniel Chapter One.

Daniel Chapter One was started in 1986 by Jim and Tricia Feijo as a ministry and health store with the highest quality products available. DC1 is the youngest of the two organizations, but they have never had a complaint and Jim’s creation of Biomolecular Nutrition has been received worldwide attention because of its success in helping athletes and the sick alike.

“Among the noteworthy attention Daniel Chapter One® BioMolecular Nutrition™ has received, Jim and Tricia were invited to Beijing by the Chinese government to conduct research in 1990-91, which was very well received and highly acclaimed. They continue to lecture, independently and as a team, overseas as well as in the United States. Jim has presented his concepts and practice of BioMolecular Nutrition™ to doctors, coaches, and students in many institutions, some of which are Columbia University, Northeastern University, Boston College, University of Alabama, and the US Naval Academy. Tricia has spoken to groups of parents, church groups, and to graduate nurses at UMass Dartmouth about homeopathy and natural healing.” (http://www.danielchapterone.com)

Daniel Chapter One is currently ordered not to help people with their health problems and have been censored by the federal government. Why? They have not “tested their drugs” according to FTC, who manages to suppress information that has not been submitted to their falsified drug studies. Daniel Chapter One does not sell drugs, and only produces food-based supplements that have helped people feel better and even heals some of all kinds of illnesses. The Federal Trade Commission is interfering with the ministry of Daniel Chapter One and every individual’s right to information.

The Federal Trade Commission was created to protect consumers and empower them with information so they can protect themselves from fraud. It was officially established in 1914. The FTC has a primary function of preventing coercive monopolies in business. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federal_Trade_Commission)

Roosevelt said “May this permanent home of the Federal Trade Commission stand for all time as a symbol of the purpose of the government to insist on a greater application of the golden rule to conduct the corporation and business enterprises in their relationship to the body politic” when they moved into their headquarters in 1938. (http://www.ftc.gov/ftc/history/ftchistory.shtm)

In the 1960’s, Ralph Nader and his student group of “Nader’s Raiders,” did their own investigation of the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC was embarrassed by the group’s findings. The group found: The FTC was ineffective, passive, had power issues that needed to be resolved, and the FTC hides behind powerful business and political relationships, to name a few. Not much has changed in the last 50 years. The government agency is still hiding behind powerful people and striking only when they think they can overpower their victim. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nader_Report_on_the_Federal_Trade_Commission) In other words, the FTC has been shown to be a big bully who restricts rights and freedoms at will.

Daniel Chapter One took the FTC to court to get back their freedom of speech and stop the censorship of the ministry. DC1 had many witnesses ready to explain how this ministry had touched their lives and the healing they had received. The FTC insisted on blocking the testimonies of people who have been helped by Daniel Chapter One. The testimonies were called “irrelevant.” How is that protecting people from fraud? Can something be fraudulent if 80 witnesses are willing to speak out and talk about the experiences? But the FTC says these people, many of whom were sent home to die and are still here because of Daniel Chapter One’s ministry, are irrelevant.

Daniel Chapter One has always treated everyone according the Golden Rule. They have never harmed anyone. They have never had a complaint! They have never committed fraud. Why is the FTC taking away their freedom of speech? The FTC is not following what it was created to do, “enforce” the golden rule. Daniel Chapter One has always offered free information, but the FTC, who is supposed to make sure consumers have this information, have censored Daniel Chapter One. Even in the previous hearings, Daniel Chapter One was not found guilty of any wrongdoing! Daniel Chapter One is a ministry that is not being allowed to minister to the people who believe with them.

“The FTC’s job is not to set health policy –yet their attack on natural remedies, and allowance only of [pharmaceutical drugs] that have been through clinical drug trials, does just that. There is not to be a government medicine any more than there is to be a government religion!” -Tricia Feijo

Now as Daniel Chapter One goes to the Supreme Court, YOU need to stand with them! This is the fight of each person. You should have a choice. You should have the freedom to get information on natural health and healing as well as drugs if you wish. The FTC and the FDA are not doing the job they were set up to do and are attacking Daniel Chapter One, censoring them from speaking or giving out their information. The FDA and the FTC are being allowed to do these things unchecked and have become a tyrannical force. Everyone needs to stand against the tyranny.